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About this website
This website was created by ELREC Equality Engagement (EE) project. To find out more information about Equality Engagement project on our main website. ELREC has been working with BME communities since 1971. The main remit of the EE project is to felicitate engagement within the BME communities and  public agencies across the Edinburgh and Lothians. However, EE project has been working with African and many other minority ethnic groups.
This website aims to documents our works in particularly with the African community in Edinburgh and Lothians. ELREC’s work funded by various funders and in collaboration with local authorities, Equality organisations and many African community groups. Over the years, our works have been supported by vary organisations time to time.  There are many community groups are operational who represents a country / nations of Africa by hosting get together events, fund raising, charity and celebrating independence day etc. It has been felt that there is a need of an unique platform for African community.
Please note, there is no any funded project currently to carry out any engagement work specifically with African community ! This site has been set up by our EE project coordinator with the support from volunteer.  Example of these past works would provide an useful source information and reference about local  diverse African community.
Some materials on this website is exclusive source of information for African communities living around Edinburgh and the Lothian. It is worth to mention, ELREC’s role is NOT to ‘represent’ African community. We are working towards build up capacity and provide an unique platform so that greater African community raise their voice and work together.  We hope you will find this website useful. 

Many thanks

Project coordinator, EE – ELREC

Archana Goyal, EE Volunteer